My family members won’t be attending segregated proms

My daughters (aged 17-25) were invited 1 to a segregated prom, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.2 The premise of this event is appalling. The event is called a Night to Shine, and it is a segregated prom for teens and adults aged 16-26.  It is set for Valentines Day weekend so that these older […]

Speaking for my teen and adult children

A couple of weeks ago, the website called The Mighty,1 published a since-removed post called meltdown bingo.  The post was a pejorative “game” aimed to make light of children and adults experiencing sensory and emotional overload resulting in a meltdown. As some of my acquaintances pointed out, having a meltdown is not enjoyable for the […]

Happy Birthday Heather! #ADA25

Today Heather is 25. She was born the very week the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed on July 26, 1990. As a child with multiple disabilities, the passage of the ADA meant she was going to have a very different life than disabled children born a generation before. Heather was born in a small […]

The promise of Olmstead and the ADA realized

It is like the dawning of spring. My teen daughter has multiple disabilities, and needs home health care to assist with activities of daily living.  She is losing her home health agency services, and I requested and received accommodations from the State of Colorado to access Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) a program currently […]

Yes we travel — whenever possible

I love to travel.  I love seeing new places, trying new food, learning about cultural differences, and expanding my own world view. As a kid, my family traveled some, and we only road tripped.  Because my father was in the Marne Corps, we moved between California and Colorado several times. My father’s family, and my […]