We cannot continue to do nothing about gun violence

I don’t know all the answers for preventing gun violence. I do know some things will save lives, and there is no reason not to do them. I say this as a gun owner and supporter of the 2nd Amendment. People should be allowed to own weapons for recreation and personal safety. And while mass […]

Blogging on Not Dead Yet Colorado

I am blogging on assisted suicide issues on the Not Dead Yet Colorado webpage.  You can view my most recent blog on that page. Lies, Dammed Lies, and Statistics Head on over and join the discussion there.

#CAL365of2015 6/365

I told my children the truth about Santa

Even though we are a week out from Christmas, I just saw yet another picture that showed an adult with a developmental disability visiting with Santa Claus. All four of my kids have intellectual disabilities. My oldest has no interest in opening gifts.  She doesn’t understand gifts, and doesn’t understand how to unwrap gifts. She […]

365 of 2015

I stink at new year resolutions (although I am pleased that I had one successful resolution from 2014 — I kept my email box cleaned out).  I am going to try to post one picture a day every day this year.  I am certain that life and work will get in the way at times, […]