The evolution of Good™ dishes and Good™ silverware

My friend Amy Robertson and I were discussing Thanksgiving dinner, and the conversation turned to dressing up the table.  I always set my holiday table with the Good™ dishes and Good™ silverware.* At first I thought this was just due to family tradition.  Amy pointed out she has been using the same dishes for many many years, […]

New Years Resolutions — two weeks late

I made three resolutions for myself.   The first — eat better — is a major work in progress. The second — to clean out my email inbox — is accomplished. (I had over 4200 emails there, so it took some work). Since number 2 is accomplished, I guess I should work on number 3 […]

Weld County Commissioners: Focus on the local issues rather than your risible 51st state initiative

Dear Commissioners  Rademacher, Conway, Garcia, Freeman, and Kirkmeyer, My name is Carrie Ann Lucas, and I am a Weld County resident.  I live in Windsor with my four children, all of whom were adopted from the foster care system.  All of my children have intellectual disabilities.  I am writing about my experiences trying to obtain […]

Rosa Parks and the disability rights connection

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a pivotal event in the struggle for freedom for African Americans in the United States.   The boycott began on December 5, 1955 and ended 381 days later after the United State Supreme Court ruled that Montgomery’s bus segregation laws were unconstitutional. During our Summer 2013 Southern History Road Trip, we […]

lots of updates

I haven’t blogged in some time.  I have been too busy building a non-profit and raising my kids.  Since I blogged last, I have adopted a now-twelve-year-old boy.  We also adopted a couple of kitties, raised and butchered another generation of chickens, and are trying our hand at container gardening. It has been great fun […]