Speaking for my teen and adult children

A couple of weeks ago, the website called The Mighty,1 published a since-removed post called meltdown bingo.  The post was a pejorative “game” aimed to make light of children and adults experiencing sensory and emotional overload resulting in a meltdown. As some of my acquaintances pointed out, having a meltdown is not enjoyable for the […]

The promise of Olmstead and the ADA realized

It is like the dawning of spring. My teen daughter has multiple disabilities, and needs home health care to assist with activities of daily living.  She is losing her home health agency services, and I requested and received accommodations from the State of Colorado to access Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) a program currently […]

Rare disease day

Today is rare disease awareness day. I always have somewhat mixed feelings about disease awareness, because the need for accessibility is universal. We need to meet everyone’s needs, and have environmental, medical, sensory, emotional, and social access for everyone, regardless of a disability label. With social media, our rare conditions do not seem so rare […]

Top ten stupid questions people ask

My family has a lot of intersections.  I am a disabled parent, we are multi-racial, all my kids are adopted, we have multiple visible and invisible disabilities, and three of us use wheelchairs. We have all heard more than our fair share of ignorant, rude, and obtuse comments.  The comments are directed at our disabilities, […]

I told my children the truth about Santa

Even though we are a week out from Christmas, I just saw yet another picture that showed an adult with a developmental disability visiting with Santa Claus. All four of my kids have intellectual disabilities. My oldest has no interest in opening gifts.  She doesn’t understand gifts, and doesn’t understand how to unwrap gifts. She […]