My girls at Yellowstone

I am deeply disappointed in the way the St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCulloch decided to present the Michael Brown shooting to the grand jury.  New York State chief judge Sol Wachtler was famously quoted  in The Bonfire of the Vanities that a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted. This is […]

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The evolution of Good™ dishes and Good™ silverware

holiday table with white tablecloth, multicolored dishes, Advent wreath, fruit tree, and candles, with silverware in red napkins

My friend Amy Robertson and I were discussing Thanksgiving dinner, and the conversation turned to dressing up the table.  I always set my holiday table with the Good™ dishes and Good™ silverware.* At first I thought this was just due to family tradition.  Amy pointed out she has been using the same dishes for many many years, […]

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Why I am voting no on Amendment 68

Windsor MIlling and Elevator Company Building, a red brick building with a portion of the sky

I almost universally support increased funding for public schools. I support bond issues, local tax increases, referendums, and citizen initiatives that increase school funding. Public schools are critical to educating children with disabilities in the most integrated setting possible.* They are critical to transmitting our local traditions, culture, and values. Despite this history, I am […]

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Stop killing my people

Collage of pictures of disabled people killed by their parents.

Earlier this week, Issy Stapleton’s mother was sentenced to prison for child abuse stemming from when she tried to murder Issy, a then 14 year old autistic teen.  The media has been full of apologists who have supported Issy’s mother by claiming the stress of parenting a disabled teen was too difficult and led to […]

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Yes, people with intellectual disabilities have sex — and some need assistance to make it happen

picture of the Supports Intensity Scale workbook with a black pen sitting on top.

Today I was doing an assessment on one of my kids to determine funding for adult services. Colorado uses a tool called the Support Intensity Scale.  While the tool is not designed to determine funding levels, that is how Colorado uses it.  People are scored one of six different levels, and the level determines the […]

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