Happy Birthday Asiza! #ADA25

An African American woman sitting on a couch with a white woman

Today is the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and this week my middle daughter, Asiza (pronounced like Asia) turns 20.  Asiza is solidly in the ADA generation. Her sister was born 6 days before the passage of the ADA, and Asiza was born 5 years and 6 days after […]

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ADA Failures — a photoessay #ADA25

Baskin Robbins store with 6 steps to entrance and no accessible route

Here are just a few of the ADA failures I encountered in a 24 hour period.  What’s missing: many more buildings with inaccessible entrances, tour buses without lifts, faux cobblestone sidewalks, and inaccessible restrooms.                       A great deal of progress has been made in 25 […]

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The promise of the ADA is not realized for disabled parents #ADA25

African American teen and her white mother, both using power wheelchairs, sitting on the deck of a boat while smiling and windblown

Seventeen years ago, my oldest daughter was in foster care, and not returning to her parents.  She is my biological niece. I contacted her social worker, and expressed interest in being a permanent placement for Heather.  What commenced was a 16 month long battle to get custody of her.  My daughter’s social worker was convinced […]

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Disability discrimination still runs rampant #ADA25

A view of a here at, waiting plane, and loading ramps

Denver tarmac My day was all planned out. I got up early to get my house ready for contractors to start a remodel, a remodel that was intentionally planned to start while I was out of town. I finished packing my bags and headed to the airport. I was flying to Washington DC to attend […]

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Happy Birthday Heather! #ADA25

Heather is surrounded by many colorful, reflective, mylar balloons, some saying "Happy Birthday"

Today Heather is 25. She was born the very week the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed on July 26, 1990. As a child with multiple disabilities, the passage of the ADA meant she was going to have a very different life than disabled children born a generation before. Heather was born in a small […]

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