Rare disease day

an African American woman wearing blue jeans, with a western belt with silver butterflies.

Today is rare disease awareness day. I always have somewhat mixed feelings about disease awareness, because the need for accessibility is universal. We need to meet everyone’s needs, and have environmental, medical, sensory, emotional, and social access for everyone, regardless of a disability label. With social media, our rare conditions do not seem so rare […]

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Yes we travel — whenever possible

Grand Teton mountains rising from the prairie int he distance, with three smiling teens standing in the foreground. The middle teen uses a wheelchair.

I love to travel.  I love seeing new places, trying new food, learning about cultural differences, and expanding my own world view. As a kid, my family traveled some, and we only road tripped.  Because my father was in the Marne Corps, we moved between California and Colorado several times. My father’s family, and my […]

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Blogging on Not Dead Yet Colorado

I am blogging on assisted suicide issues on the Not Dead Yet Colorado webpage.  You can view my most recent blog on that page. Lies, Dammed Lies, and Statistics Head on over and join the discussion there.

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Top ten stupid questions people ask

African-American young woman in a maroon cap and gown, flanked by an African-American teen smiling, wearing a dress and using a power wheelchair, a middle-aged white woman sitting in a power wheelchair, a twenty-something little person white woman using a manual chair, and a young teen white boy standing, all smiling for the camera

My family has a lot of intersections.  I am a disabled parent, we are multi-racial, all my kids are adopted, we have multiple visible and invisible disabilities, and three of us use wheelchairs. We have all heard more than our fair share of ignorant, rude, and obtuse comments.  The comments are directed at our disabilities, […]

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#CAL365of2015 6/365

photograph of bushes with snow in foreground, leafless trees in the mid portion of the picture, and a bright orange and blue sky at sunset
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